The Surface Of Things

by Nancy Biniadaki, Feature Film, Germany, Greece, 2017, 85 min

There is an urban myth in Athens about Errinyos, the ancient underground river, that no one ever saw except four teenage girls in the 1980s at the “neighbourhood of hell”. Today an anthropologist who researches on the myth, locates three of these girls, now in their forties, and their former teacher, and has to face four testimonies on the mysterious appearance of the river. Through extracts of letters, recordings and interviews, they narrate the tragic story which happened thirty years ago and marked their own lives as well as the city’s collective memory.

Cast and Crew

IOANNA Maria Skoula
SOFIA Maria Kallimani
KATERINA Marisha Triantafyllidou
NARDI Themis Bazaka

WRITER / DIRECTOR: Nancy Biniadaki
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Dionisys Efthymiopoulos
EDITOR: Panos Voutsaras
SOUND: Yiannis Antipas
MUSIC Alexander Muell
PRODUCED BY: Christopher Zitterbart
CO-PRODUCED BY: Konstantinos Kontovrakis & Giorgos Karnavas
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: watchmen productions, heretic

Based on the novel „Four testimonies on the exhumation of the river Errinyos“ by Angela Dimitrakaki 

Screenplay funded by MEDIA Creative Europe, developed through MFI Script 2 Film Workshops. The film participated in Thessaloniki Film Festival – Agora Works in Progress

In Co-production with ERT, funded by Greek Film Center.

Festivals & Awards

Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017 : International Competition
Athens International Film Festival 2018 : Winner of Best Debutant Director
Hellas Filmbox Berlin 2019
Barcelona International Film Festival 2018: Nominated for Grand Jury Prize for Best Film
IndieFEST USA Film Awards 2018 : Winner of Award of Recognition: Women Filmmakers and Feature Films
London Greek Film Festival 2018 : Nominated for Best Feature Film
Santorini Film Festival 2019 : Winner of Best Film