Short Film

The Moon and I

by Nancy Biniadaki
Short film, Germany 2016, 8 minutes, ZDF/KiKa, with Wolkenlenker

A little boy can’t sleep one night. He is visited by a big bright round object, which appears at his window and then jumps inside his room! Could it be the moon? The boy and the moon start to dance and play. But everytime the boy tries to catch it, the moon disappears… The boy has to learn that the moon cannot be caught, and only then it becomes his friend and the boy can finally fall asleep, fulfilled and happy.


Cast and Crew

BOY Vincent Hahn

DIRECTOR: Nancy Biniadaki
EDITOR: Jon Kadocsa
MUSIC Alexander Muell
PRODUCED BY: Christopher Zitterbart, Daniel Acht, Sebastian Wehner  

In collaboration with WOLKENLENKER for ZDF/KiKa



Gimme Preis 2017: Winner for Kinder und Jugend (Director, Producer, Lead Actor)

Prix Jeunesse International 2016: Nominee for Prix Jeunesse Fiction
Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2016: Nominated for Best Live Action Short
REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, LA 2016: Jury Prize Nominee for Best Film
Sarasota Film Festival, Florida 2016: Jury Prize Nominee for Short Narrative Competition
Wisconsin Film Festival 2016: Nominated for Jury Award
Plein la Bobine, France 2016: Pico 3+ Competition
Lahore Int. Children’s Festival
International Children’s Filmfestival Filem’On Brussels 2017: Nominated for Bella Brusella Award in Competition Shorts
KUKI – Internationaler Kinder- und Jugendkurzfilmfestival Berlin
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2016:
 Nominated for Best Short Film
Cork Film Festival, Ireland 2016: Nominated for Best Cork Film
Cologne Short Film Festival 2017: Nominated for Film Award Cologne
Olympia International Film Festival 2016: Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film
Bamberger Filmtage 2017: Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film
Regard, Canada 2016: Saturday Family Shorties
International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund 2017
Drama International Film Festival 2017: 
Nominated for Best International Film in the International Competition
International Film Festival of Kinshasa 2017: Nominated for Best Film
Short Film Festival Cologne 2016: Nominated for the Jury Prize in the German Competition