Edeltraud und Theodor

by Daniel Acht
Short film 8 minutes, ZDF/KiKa 2011

Sheep Edeltraud does not have an easy life on the farm of the family Knoll. Their son Theodor is a real rascal! He pulls pranks all the time. When Edeltraud is abducted by a mean robber, she fears for her life: surely the robber wants to grill her! But Theodor will save her!

Edeltraud und Theodor

Cast and Crew

BOY Pavel Wenzel
MOTHER Julia Brendler
THIEF Tom Jahn

SCRIPT: Daniel Acht
DIRECTOR: Daniel Acht
EDITOR: Philipp Thomas
MUSIC: Philipp Kadelbach
PRODUCED BY: Christopher Zitterbart, Daniel Acht, Sebastian Wehner  

In collaboration with WOLKENLENKER for ZDF/KiKa

Festivals and awards

Bamberger Kurzfilm Tag 2012
Curtas Vila do Conde – Festival Internacional de Cinema 2012
Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW): Prädikat: wertvoll